Saturday, November 5, 2011

America Unleashed

"It is only in the presence of compassion that an addict can hear the truth."                       Dr. Gabor Mate 

It is my belief that up to thirty percent of our country suffers from ADHD. I believe when we hear about schools being drop-out factories, the underlying problem is untreated Adult ADHD in the community being passed onto the next generation.

I believe the current media cultivates this environment for the purposes of promoting an ultra-right wing political agenda.

I believe if we could correct this we would unleash easily another twenty percent of America's brain potential, effectively unleashing America.

This blog is intended as a guide to the new common sense, and a self-treatment guide as well. It is hoped that you will quickly become more sensitive to your connections to the world, and will as a result be able to get yourself "high" whenever you want, allowing you to better focus on your tasks and start setting and achieving goals, be they reading a book you really don't want to read, or learning about something you've put off because it was thought to be too much work. All of this through the, "expression of domamine," (loosely termed).

I used to think this had to involve big pharma, but this morning I was given a gift, like the final piece of a "logic cube" I was building inside my head clicked into place, and I was able to see it, the answer, and an up-swelling of emotion overcame me as I was stroking my cat.  I call it the expression of domamine, but I use that term loosely because I actually refer to a more complex pattern of thoughts and meanings, and close attention to the resulting emotions, that results in a cascade of neurotransmitters, and the expression of dopamine and other compounds in the brain.

Many of us have had this experience.  We are taught that we have to be in front of pulpit, or falling in love, or in direct and intimate contact with another person to experience it, but it is simply the expression of certain chemicals in the brain, and learning to make them, and sustain them, may be the key, the way out for finally have the calm that the straights have, so to speak.