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How To Lose Weight Without Risk or Effort, and Create World Peace

Humans have been surviving and thriving on this planet a long time.  We have developed social order, knowledge transfer and rule of law.  But, we also have always had the rich and the poor, and how that relationship works or does not work is telling of a culture, for it's direct effect on the state-of-mind of it's weakest citizens children's health and spirit.

The main thing to learn is that whatever, "King," we seek to protect is actually the children of the coming generation.  So protecting all children, and the environment, becomes the Over-arching Plan, okay?

There are certain beliefs that have to exist for the rich to wield power over the poor, and I don't simply mean "poor" in the economic sense, I have come to recognize that White Trash, like myself, can be poor in knowledge, through no fault of our own.  Now, that's poor, if ever I heard a definition.  In the past if you lived in a coal mining camp you often had to buy your food and housing from the Company, and you had to believe in direct consequence if anyone tried to strike or organize.  How information was controlled then seems scary to us now, but in fact we also suffer under tremendous forces keeping us from seeing all the angles, keeping us from putting things into a greater context that includes all of the facts and what's really happening in the World.  I would like to tell you that you can change your beliefs, and it will begin to change how you see the world, and this will make you lose weight faster than any diet you may have tried in the past.  When we are done you will walk into the local 24/7 quick-store and not be able to find any food (deserts galore, just no food).

Let me just tell you now what I'm going to explain later.  If you limit your intake of animal products to 5% or less of your total diet, you will drop to your natural weight and stabilize there, you will decrease the severity of any osteoporosis your might develop, and you will take yourself off the statistics for many kinds of cancer now associated with the Western Diet.  But, abstinence is not enough, you have to re-structure the meanings in order for it to really take, otherwise it's just an open wound waiting to become re-infected.

Believe me, or believe every person who's quit cigarettes and gone back, every gambler who's stopped and gone back with a vengeance, or anybody who's lost pounds and gained them have to have a plan, and you have to follow it through until you know it's complete.  That plan should contain informing yourself, and behavioral changes: A TWO PRONGED APPROACH guaranteed to yield results.

In my case, because I'm so compatible with television and movies, chose to inform myself through Youtube and online documentaries.  It lead me to Google brain studies, and I've read the Abstract of many now.  I've been led to doctor's websites where they share non-traditional views, and also learned a great deal about traditional Psychology, and the decision making processes that have helped mold our standard of care, and have been working on ways to download my knowledge to the lay population.

The behavioral changes I used were switching to meat-less burgers and almond milk cheese, everything can be found in vegan form.  I even began baking my own vegan cookies - that helped me a lot, cakes, candies, cookies, nothing makes me fat anymore.  But I've been dealing with a couple sources of sadness lately so haven't been baking (but haven't changed my weight significantly since, and kind of feel better, so may leave it now).  I don't eat the fake meat anymore, don't need it, just chew through bowlfuls of raw veggies instead, but when you're starting out, I highly recommend you get the richest versions of all the fake animal products. You will notice you can make better ice cream yourself, store bought's not there yet for vegan ice cream (except maybe those Tofutti ice cream sandwiches, but who can afford five bucks for those dinky little things?)  Three bites, naw.

For thousands of years our species has had to resort to eating meat to survive, and we've developed a taste for it, but remember the Morlocks from The Time Machine, you can't expect to live off of flesh and not have problems with your supply chain.  The USA is at a tipping point ecologically because of animal husbandry issues - they can't shovel it fast enough, so it keeps infecting our water supplies.

Many NGO's who feed the poor in the world do not include any animal products in their meals.  They say it is strictly an economic decision, that for every slice of meat they can feed an additional 32 people.

War has been man's oldest get-rich-quick scheme, and it always relies on making you believe the other side is the enemy.  Enemy is a control word, usually spoken before you're asked for your credit card number.  But the number of people who get wealthy falls to but a few.  And, the level of disinformation has to have a negative effect - witness the Sikh shooting spree committed by a White Supremacist.

Now think about this, if regular people didn't eat animal products how would ever talk us into a war?  I am not saying that everyone would hold weighting over their meanings towards not allowing animals to be killed, but many would after learning the pain their species have born under our weight.  And if a significant percentage of our population wouldn't stand for animal's being killed it would be a tough sell to put human lives in harms way.

The human species was built, or evolved, to eat a plant based diet, raw plants, and we need to protect the environment from worse decay, to protect our next generation's health and safety.

I encourage you to form your personal plan, but make it in accord with the master Plan, and inform yourself, and begin whatever behavioral changes you deem fit, and you will start losing weight.

It's been over a year.  I only eat a bite or two of ice cream (but I hear Mother Cow's crying for their stolen calves each time I do, and it still makes me cry sometimes).  To me, if I can't see the pain in my food, I'm not fit to eat it.  Most of my vegetables being carted around the world carry their own pain, through the petroleum products stripped out of third-world countries with disastrous effects on the indigenous populations, just so i can eat strawberries in November.

Remember to eat from each of the Color Categories of Fruits and Vegetables:

  1. White
  2. Yellow or Orange
  3. Red
  4. Green
  5. Blue or Purple
and also supplement your protein with beans, lentils, nuts, or tofu products (1/2 cup a day), and you will have no problems nutritionally.

It is amazing to me how my body has snapped back, like I'm a rubber band, and I've snapped back into my natural form...and all it took was pushing back against one of the most basic beliefs the rich wield over the poor.  Once I formed my own lens to see the world, now I see food as just what's natural to our species, without the marketing hype.

There have been over 85 studies showing cow's milk has negative effects on humans.  How do you think the people who did that first study felt later on, when it was countered by friends of the Milk industry?  Do you think they believed it would take this long for their truth to reach the public?  How do you think the public will feel once they put two and two together, and see this information was suppressed for fear and greed?  That all depends on how well they keep control over the narratives, doesn't it?

And it is important that we understand the relationship people form with the content on their televisions, and how that relationship is abused by the Networks.  It is important to understand that up to 17% of us have a brain condition which makes us more comfortable exercising our emotions against a wall of electronic hallucinations, and we never form a context for becoming "cautious news consumers."  We may even share an "aversion" to reading many types of books, and become limited to taking in our new information by television.  Ask yourself, "Do you only get your news from television?"  In watching a News Story on network television, have you ever felt "prompted to do personal research?" (to understand different angles of a story).  I don't think people like me are prompted to do personal research ever, because we're limited to the television (well, I'm starting to break out of that mold now).  It may strike you as well that the narratives for true understanding are carefully filtered out of our mainstream television sets.  To understand this I believe one must only understand three things:

1. The number one rule of journalism is:
       "Never Disrespect The Product, in any basic way."
       ~ This in itself invalidates and disqualifies television as a viable news source, as they must filter-out anything that would be embarrassing to any of it's corporate sponsors, or any of it's free content providers, or news sources, on which it relies (like our police and government).

2. We, the television viewing audience, are the commodity being traded on television, not the advertised products.  We, the audience, are who the sponsors pay for when they buy advertising time.

3. They read from lists of "talking points" from major industries, political party offices, our government, as they attempt to shore up support for any range of issues, including getting people to police each other in order to effect changes in behavior at a cultural level.
       The "echo chamber" effect is well documented, and should be looked into.

They have to know some of us are stuck in front of our sets, or that kind of thing just wouldn't work as well as it does.  look up Mean World Syndrome.  They know we're here, and they're working diligently to keep us rooted in front of our television sets, while only spending as much as they have to.  I am not saying the ADHD population are the only ones who watch television, just that we are the captive audience.

We need to learn to see the spin on television, or stop watching it.  Seeing the spin involves knowing more than they are showing, and that means developing safe resources for your news and keeping up with them.  You will start to form favorite stories, and sign up for petition lists that will also keep you informed, so don't worry about knowing everything about everything, but knowing several stories a month in-depth helps insulate you from the spin.

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